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Upcoming events @ Old Electric theatre

Oil painting portrait of a man with a bald head and wearing glasses with a ruff around his neck.

Silky: Wallflower

This is Silky’s Blackpool Comedy Festival Debut. Finding out your self-image is an oil painting, and you’re wearing a ruff, you need answers…

Cartoon version of a New Zealand landscape with mountains, road signs of a Kiwi bird and wave and a floating Rugby ball and sheep.

A Complete Idiot’s Guide to New Zealand

Blackpool Comedy Festival brings you award-winning Kiwi comedian Sully O’Sullivan’s insider’s guide to his eccentric homeland. Answering all the questions about New Zealand you didn’t know to ask in the first place, like why did we almost change our national flag to a drawing of a bird with lasers for eyes?

Woman is crouching down holding a keyboard under her arm and another finger on her mouth.

Amy Webber: No previous experience

Blackpool Comedy Festival brings you…Amy is an award winning comedian as heard on BBC Radio 4. Armed with her mini keyboard and an opera degree that’s never been useful, she’s on the hunt for a new job.

Man holding up an empty speech mark and pointing with the other hand.

An Evening Of Swearing and Shouting with Gavin Webster

Stand up comedian (of over 30 years) is bringing his tour to Blackpool Comedy Festival. Jokes, routines and set pieces, one liners, dark observations, sardonic ukulele comedy songs and verbal crash bang wallops!

Sian Davies: Watch Me (WIP)

This Blackpool Comedy Festival show is brand new thoughts, ideas, stories and jokes from award winning, working class, queer comedian, Sian Davies.

A bus is leaving the image with a lady hanging off the back. A group of girls run after it. All the faces are of Allyson June Smith.

Allyson June Smith is Little Smith Sunshine

A self-confessed “over sharer” this show for Blackpool Comedy Festival will serve up a potent observational cocktail of wit, bite and shame. So come let this “People Pleaser” please you, and meet your new best friend Allyson June Smith.

Woman with guitar on the left and man with guitar on the right, singing to each other.

What are you laughing at?

Want to start a career in comedy? Do you need some help writing a comedy set? Find out how with this entertaining conversation between comics; Allyson June Smith, Sian Davies and comedy duo Black Liver.

Creating Autobiographical Performance Work

Join performance artist Krishna Istha for a workshop that explores how artists and performers can craft autobiographical, genre-pushing works.