Ruth E. Cockburn
Ruth E. CockburnRuth E. Cockburn

Ruth E. Cockburn

Northern writer, poet, musical comedian, performance artist and dyslexic academic,

Ruth has made it her job to find the weird and the wonderful in all aspects of life.

From Blackpool, inspired by the sense of the place, (and the sense to get out of the place…but then return to the place) Ruth has created touring theatre shows and performance pieces for many years.

Her latest book of poetry and stories, “Miss Nobodies” has recently been taken by The British library and she is currently on tour as one half of satirical rock duo, Black Liver in ‘Support Your Local Library! A Gothic/Pub Rock Opera’.

They are currently on tour with our shows, ‘Miss Nobodies’ and ‘Support Your Local Library! A Gothic/Pub Rock Opera’


Ruth E. Cockburn's shows

Young boy on stage, arms raised as he tells a joke into a microphone

Open Up the Mic Graduates

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What are you laughing at?

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Comedy duo, Black Liver. Ruth is on the left, laughing and Keith is on the right biting into a book about the Beatles.

Black Liver presents Tall Tales for Big Kids

Musical comedy duo Black Liver deliver a gaggle of fables, yarns and stories for grown ups as part of Blackpool Comedy Festival.

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